Welcome to Mission Community Church!



Making disciples of all people is central to everything we believe at Mission Community Church. The “mission” is about recognizing that you and I, and our families, are meant for more than simply working to pay off our bills and following whatever the new “trendy thing” is out there to occupy our time.

We have been called to spend our time, energy, and resources, on something bigger then ourselves and something that will have value in eternity. We have seen that God is real and his word is true. Therefore, we take Jesus’ instructions to be important and exciting. We believe our mission is to build God’s Kingdom through mission in community.


We love people and think we grow best when we grow in community with one another as we focus on the Great Commission.




We love our people and we think that we grow best when we grow together as a community. Being “missions-minded” means that our church loves to serve. That is, we see ourselves as wanting to serve one another in the likeness of Jesus, who served us by lowering himself to the point of the cross in order that we might be forgiven of our sins and adopted into God’s family.

We hope that when you walk into our church service, you see the faces of people who care about you and the Gospel. We have men’s ministry events like prayer breakfasts, women’s ministry events like craft nights, children’s ministry events like AWANA and Vacation Bible School, and mid-week Bible studies designed for the whole family.