Our community groups exist to connect people to Jesus. These groups serve a three-fold purpose. First we seek to help individuals go deeper in their faith. It's time to get out of the kiddie pool and jump into the deep end. Secondly community groups exist to create a more relaxing and casual atmosphere in people's living rooms so that we can invite friends, family, neighbors to join us in discovering the truth about God. Third we seek to share life with each other in a more personal and intimate way, pushing each other towards the glory of the Father and encouraging one another to live more like Him through truth in love.

Contact Pastor Scot to join a community group today!


Where do community groups meet?

The groups rotate homes on a consistent basis. Contact Pastor Scot to find out where your group is currently meeting.

What does the group do?

Generally, the groups come together to share some light snacks and engage in prayer for our church and the sick. We engage in some Bible study based on the previous Sunday’s message or other topics. 


Is childcare provided during community groups?

Depending on your community group, some childcare may be provided. Check with Pastor Scot for confirmation.

How often do community groups meet?

Community groups meet on a weekly basis. Sometimes there are special events that get celebrated.